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Welcome, this is the University of El-Imam El-Mahdi Repository which is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes digital materials published from the university. the aim of this repository is to facilitate digital preservation and scholarly communication.


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  • أحمد عثمان فضيل حسن (2017)
  • Adil Abdelwahab Sharawi; El-Amin Hamoda; Abdelrahman Ali Karrar (UNIVERSITY of KHARTOUM ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 2015-08)
    The aim of this paper is to study the voltage stress and the equipotential mapping for a sample of 33kV porcelain insulator, which is used widely in the Sudanese national grid. The available modeling and analysis package ...
  • Adil Abdelwahab Sharawi; Atif Abdelwahab Sharawi2 (UNIVERSITY of KHARTOUM ENGINEERING JOURNAL, 2015-08)
    Many types of grids are developed to address the fast growing demand such as smart grid and Microgrid. The main objectives of this paper were to explore the implementation of Microgrid in a fish farm, to show the benefit ...
  • Siddig Ahmed Elbashir Gar Elnabi (2017)
  • Abozer Y. Elderdery; Bader Eldeen Haroon; Daw Elbiet Abdelaal Y; Mohammed Abo Elhassan; Tagwa Basheer; Salma Ibraheem; Nahid Osman; Fatima Idris; Rahma Abd Elfatah; Samiah Hamad AL- Mijalli (Al Neelain Medical Journal Volume No. [ 13 ], 2014)
    internationally, haemoglobin (Hb) S is the most common Hb variant and is reported most frequently in people of African and Arab descents. This abnormality is also common among Sudanese, particularly in the Western regions. ...

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